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Chugoku-chiiki Energy Forum (CEF) is a nonprofit private organization established in 1983 in order to promote deepening understanding the necessity of the development of nuclear energy , and the need of energy reservation , recycling of resources, the effective utilization of energy resources and environmental protection.

In July 1991 the strengthening of the organization was decided in order to conduct a wide range of activities related to energy problem in general and environmental issues as well as nuclear energy problems.

CEF consists of 52 Chambers of Commerce and Industry in the Chugoku region and its activities are supported by many private enterprises , Chugoku bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry, and five prefectural governments in the region.


Major Activities of CEF are as follows:

1)Holding lecture meetings and educational activities directed toward people in the Chugoku region on energy problems and environmental issues.

2)Sending prominent scholars and experts on energy and environmental problems to the requesting as the speakers and lecturers.

3)Sending tourists to nuclear power plants in order to promote deepening understanding of necessity of nuclear power generation and the safety measures of nuclear power plants.

4)Accumulation and distribution of information about energy problems and global environmental protection issues.

5)Donation of books and journals relating to energy and environmental problems to public libraries and schools in the Chugoku region.


Membership includes 51 Chambers of Commerce and Industry and 39 companies in the Chugoku region, including the Chugoku electric Co.Inc.

CEF has five branch offices in the area, one in each prefecture ,and head Office is in the following address.

<Head office >
5-44 Motomachi ,Nakaku ,Hiroshima,Japan
Fax: 082-227-1088


Chairman Hideki Fukayama
Chairman of Hiroshima Chamber of Commerce and Industry.



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